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Endogena Therapeutics' approach for endogenous regenerative medicine will result in a novel treatment paradigm for common degenerative diseases that are becoming more prevalent due to demographic changes.

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Endogena Therapeutics is focusing its drug discovery and development efforts on indications with high unmet medical needs.

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endogenous regeneration meets small-molecule medicine

Recent discoveries in stem cell biology together with technological advances for phenotypic, functional screening, have unlocked our ability to harness the potential of adult stem- and progenitor cells. Our novel drug discovery approach is based on the concept of selective regulation of these endogenous cells for controlled tissue repair by small molecules.


in our most advanced programs, we are targeting degenerative diseases of the eye, including retinitis pigmentosa, which progressively leads to complete loss of vision – our pioneering approach enables the discovery of breakthrough therapies based on cutting-edge knowledge of molecular pathways that regulate retinal stem cells and retinal pigment epithelial cells, which nourish the eye’s photoreceptors and retina.

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Retinitis pigmentosa (RP)

is a group of inherited diseases causing slow and progressive retinal degeneration and loss of vision. Collaborating with leading vitreoretinal specialists and experts in the ophthalmology field, in our most advance program we will initiate first clinical studies of our novel treatment paradigm in 2021 .

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

AMD is a leading cause of irreversible vision loss in the developed world and it has been estimated that almost 9% of the population older than 45 years of age are affected. Dry-AMD is associated with atrophic cell death of the central retina or macula and it accounts for 80-90% of the AMD population. Unfortunately, there is no approved treatment for this condition.

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FDA grants orphan drug designation for Endogena’s lead program targeting retinitis pigmentosa

First small-molecule cell regeneration treatment to be developed for the leading cause of inherited blindness

Endogena Therapeutics Inc., which discovers and develops endogenous regenerative medicines, announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted orphan drug designation for its EA-2353 ophthalmic suspension targeting retinitis pigmentosa, a rare condition that causes slow and progressive loss of vision.

Find out more here.

Oversubscribed Series A-1 funding round completed

Endogena Therapeutics closed today their first round of Series A financing, which was capped at $8 million. This first round of Series A financing was led by existing investors, Rejuveron Life Sciences AG and DEFTA Partners, with new investors joining the syndicate.

Matthias Steger, CEO of Endogena, said: “This Series A-1 funding will enable us to complete first clinical proof-of-concept studies of our novel treatment paradigm for patients with devastating degenerative eye conditions.” Find out more here.

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Moreno Menghini appointed chief medical officer

Endogena is very pleased to announce that Dr. Moreno Menghini was appointed as CMO. Dr. Menghini is a vitreoretinal surgeon with clinical trial experience in retinal degeneration and will lead Endogena's upcoming clinical studies.
"I am very excited to be part of the pioneering team at Endogena, and as such be at the forefront of medical innovation." Dr. Menghini says.



At Endogena, we strongly believe in the potential of innovation by collaboration and accordingly, we work with world-leading partners in academia and industry to leverage state-of-the-art discoveries and technologies


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